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Microsoft Azure AI

This webinar covers the areas of Azure AI and it’s possibilities to be leveraged to improve your business functions.

What You Will Learn

Overview of Azure AI Platform

  • Machine Learning – How to quickly build and train custom models
  • Knowledge Mining using Azure Search
  • AI Apps and Agents – How to introduce AI to applications without machine learning experience.

Use cases and demos on how to introduce AI into application using Cognitive services

  • Use cases and demos for Azure Search
  • Use cases and demos for ML custom models
  • When to choose what depending on the requirements


Peruri Srinivasulu

Peruri Srinivasulu, an IT leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in Software Development and IT services, is the CEO and Chief Architect of Krish Services Group, Inc. Peruri is in charge of managing the delivery and application architecture to clients as well as introducing new solutions and service offerings in the mobile and cloud technologies.

Ravi Vuruturu

Ravi Vuruturu is the Senior Software Engineer at Krish Services Group and brings close to ten years of software design, development and web application development. He helps our clients with the implementation of Azure DevOps and cross-platform development.

(Both are senior members of Krish Services Group – a Microsoft Gold Partner)

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