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Streamline Your Recruiting Process using Microsoft Power Platform

In the modern cloud ecosystem, companies seek ways to make their employees more efficient. At the forefront of this charge for Microsoft is Power Platform. Within Power Platform users can find a multitude of ways to streamline business processes via automation to reduce the number of manual tasks required to handle any function of their day-to-day jobs.

One such use case we have come across is the recruiting process for HR departments. In this webinar, we will discuss the particular use case & typical pain points it solves as well as point to the efficiencies gained as a result of implementing this solution within your HR department. By using Power Platform, we can create a solution where candidate details are automatically stored in a secure database by either the candidates or vendors themselves. This ensures that all information is securely available to the appropriate HR/recruiting personnel with no data loss.

The key functionality on top of this is a hub where all candidates can be pushed through the recruitment process by the recruiter/HR person with steps such as scheduling interviews, viewing notes from interviewers, and checking schedules without switching to a different application. In addition, PowerBI reports can be made available based on your use case that can provide data such as candidate source & conversion rates by source. The goal & use case is a centralized hub with multiple levels of automation available to help streamline a specific department’s day-to-day functions, which, if adopted correctly, makes them more efficient.


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