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Securely Deploying Reports and Dashboards using Power BI

Power BI can be simple and fast, capable of creating quick insights from an Excel workbook or a local database. However, Power BI is also robust and enterprise-grade, ready not only for extensive modeling and real-time analytics, but also for custom development. Therefore, it can be a personal report and visualization tool, but can also serve as the analytics and decision engine behind group projects, divisions, or entire corporations. Power BI is a service that if properly leveraged can drive better understanding of your data and use that understanding to improve whatever performance metrics you choose.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Reports, Dashboards, Workspaces and Apps
  • Purpose of dashboards
  • Implementing Security in Dashboards with Row Level Security
  • Sharing and collaborating with Dashboards
  • Deploying and Publishing Power BI reports


Peruri Srinivasulu

Peruri Srinivasulu, an IT leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in Software Development and IT services, is the CEO and Chief Architect of Krish Services Group, Inc. Peruri is in charge of managing the delivery and application architecture to clients as well as introducing new solutions and service offerings in the mobile and cloud technologies.

Sai Yanamandra

A Technology Expert at Krish Services Group. With Over 20 years of experience in IT industry, Sai comes with a rich experience in the areas of System Architecture, Design and development of Software Systems He is also a certified Data Scientist from IIM Calcutta.

(Both are senior members of Krish Services Group – a Microsoft Gold Partner)

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